SRS Partner
PKNIC is responsible for the administration of the .PK domain name space, including the operation of the DNS for the Root-Servers for .PK domains, and registration and maintenance of all .PK domain names.

WebNIC, Malaysia
Premier Partner
Web Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC) is an Internet service provider focus in domain name wholesale service, digital brand management, search engine optimization (SEO) and shared registry-registrar system.

eNom, USA
eNom Technology Partner (ETP)
eNom is the largest wholesaler of Internet domains in the world, providing domain name registration and other online services to small and home-based businesses, individuals, traffic aggregators and resellers.

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Featured Clients

  • MCB Bank Limited
  • Bank AlFalah Limited
  • Taavun Group of Cos.
  • Al Falah Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • So~Safe Products LLC
  • The Residency Hotel
  • Darson Securities (Pvt) Ltd. (Corporate Member KSE)
  • So~Safe Products LLC - UAE
  • Dreams Tourism - Saudi Arabia

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